About Us

Travel is one of the main aspects of a thriving business and at times can be very stressful. At West Palm Beach Taxi, we are dedicated to taking that stress out of your life. A simple phone call to West Palm Beach Taxi and all your ground or air transportation needs are fulfilled.

From moving individuals or groups, through transfers, charters, road shows to flight tracking and managing multiple destinations, we set high standards for exceptional work. This is our commitment of service to you.

Our online reservation system allows you to book your future trips at your most convenient time. When you arrive at your destination, you simply get out of the car, your Online Reservation takes care of everything. There is no hassle of signing credit cards or carrying cash. It’s fast, easy and very efficient.

We are a UNIQUE transport company in West Palm Beach with a variety of the extra services such as French, Spanish and Creole speaking staff (available upon request). Our commitment is to provide the finest transport Services in corporate and personal transportation.